Hey Grace… Why do you have kids in your worship services?

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At Grace Church, we believe that worship is not just for adults, but for everyone. This is why we welcome children of all ages to join us in our worship services. Some may question why we include children in our services, but we believe that there are several reasons why this is important.

Every Sunday (except for the last Sunday of the month), kids are included in our worship services with their families. Following our morning worship and prayer, the kids are dismissed to Grace Kids for age specific ministries and lessons. On the last Sunday of the month, kids stay for the duration of the service and play “Sermon Bingo”. This has become one of our favorite Sundays.  To keep the kids engaged with the message, a bingo card is created with sermon points and relevant scripture. Upon getting five in a row, they yell, “Bingo!”. Upon conclusion of the service, they can redeem the complete bingo card for candy. It’s great!

Yes, it can be a distraction, but it is a distraction that is well worth it to have kids and families worshiping together and getting them involved in the life of our church.  Yes, children may be more active and may require more attention, but this is an opportunity for us to show them love and care.

So, why do we do this?

Firstly, kids learn by modeling. When children see their parents and other adults participating in worship, they learn that it is an important part of life. They learn about prayer, song, and the importance of community. Your kids model your behavior more than they model what you say to them. By creating environments for families to worship together, parents are given a prime opportunity to model worship.

Secondly, kids are an important part of the church community. As members of the church community, they should be included in all aspects of church life, including worship. They feel a sense of belonging and learn that they are valued members of the church.

Thirdly, kids contribute life and vitality to our worship services. Children have a natural sense of wonder and curiosity that can bring new life to our worship services. They are not afraid to ask questions and challenge our assumptions, which can lead to deeper conversations and a greater understanding of our faith. They also have a unique perspective on worship that can help us to see things in a new light.

Fourthly, kids who participate in worship are more likely to stay connected to the church. By including children in our worship services, we are helping to nurture their faith and give them a sense of belonging within the church community. Children who grow up attending worship services are more likely to develop a strong faith foundation that will stay with them throughout their lives. They are also more likely to remain connected to the church as they grow older and become adults. This way, when they “graduate” from kids ministry, they are already a part of “Big Church” and don’t have to try to fit in to something they have never been a part of.

Lastly, families are strengthened when they worship together. When children are included in the service, parents and children have the opportunity to share in the same experience and talk about it together afterwards. This can help to strengthen family bonds and create a sense of unity within the family. By worshiping together, families can deepen their relationships and grow in their faith together.

At Grace Church, we include children in our worship services because we believe that it is important for their faith development, for the church community, for the vitality of our worship, and for strengthening families. We believe that children are an important part of our community, and that they have much to offer us.